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Global partner to the ferro-alloy industry

Ferro_AlloypuffBorgestad Fabrikker has served ferro-alloy producers worldwide for decades. Long-term cooperation with customers like Elkem has led us to the forefront of the ferro-alloy markets. Thanks to our expertise, reputation for quality, cost-effective solutions and timely delivery, we are a preferred refractory supplier to the foundry industry.

We provide complete refractory solutions for furnaces and ladles. We also supply solutions that use superior refractory material to help lower the total cost to you as the customer.

Our promise is “the lowest refractory cost per produced ton of metal.” Our delivery range includes:

  • Chamotte, SiC and high-alumina bricks — including hand-shaped bricks 
  • Monolithics (castables & gunnables)
  • Cement/ Mortars
  • Insulation material
  • Anchors

In addition to our high-quality products, we provide a range of services spanning from design to installation.